all in one Website Features

 Go Mobile

Your website deserves to look amazing on every device. PC, phone, and tablet: all covered. Use the preview option to see how your site will appear for a mobile audience.


Share information about your products or services and establish yourself as an expert in your industry by adding blogs and articles to your small business website.

 Pro Designs

When it comes to designing a unique website, one size does not fit all. Create a unique, professional, fully responsive site just for your business.

 Edit Options

Every brand is different – so is every website. Being able to easily drag and drop website elements into place helps you create the exact look and feel you’ve envisioned.

 Easy Store

Easily add, edit, and organize your products on your website. Add keyword tags to aid your customers in searching and browsing within your shop. Connect to your PayPal or gateway account.


Inventory tracking for whichever products you want to help you keep track of your stock and when it’s time to make or order more. It's simple and easy to use this feature that's included in your online store.

 Free Images

Pull from a library of free stock images to incorporate into a website. Use them on your blog, to update pages or to create new pages. Search feature allows you easily find the right photos.

 Plugin Paypal

It takes seconds to activate the PayPal plug-in that comes built into your website to start accepting credit card payments instantly. Or choose one of the many payment processors we are integrated with.


Easily add a Google Map to your small business website and make it easy for site visitors to find your location or another specific location.


Create a list of anything from products to staff members using easy, drag-and-drop widgets. Add photos, buttons or icons to your lists.


With Disqus you can easily add guestbooks, forums and feedback to your website. Highlight your best reviews with a few simple steps.

 Social Media

Links to your social media pages are neatly arranged and can be dropped anywhere on your site. You can also add social media feeds.

 Free Stats

Free website statistics automatically track site traffic and site hits. Google Analytics can also be integrated for additional traffic details.


Drag and drop a contact form into your website to give customers an easy alternative way of reaching out to your business.


Instantly create a photo gallery on your website. Store and showcase your photos at no additional charge. Add captions if you like.


Add an image slider to feature multiple images without taking up too much space on the site. It's fast and simple to use this high tech feature.

 Button Maker

Easily create buttons and link them to website pages or external websites. Change colors to match your branding.


Quickly embed multimedia content into your small business website with this handy widget.


Impressive special effect. Background image moves at a different speed than the foreground when scrolling.

 Drop a Block

Add a new section to your website by simply dropping it into place. Then add any content by dragging and dropping.

 Drop Downs

Easily nest pages under other pages in your menu bar. Copy pages with a simple click. Password protect pages you don't want everyone to see.


Make sure your site is search engine friendly by customizing the SEO settings to make it easier for customers and search engines to find you.


Reliable worldwide web hosting service so you know your site will always be available online. Website address setup for you.


Want to do more? There's no stopping you. Add custom code to your site by dropping it into place. Customize your site with endless possiblities.

 Switch Designs

Change the look and style of your site anytime. Choose from a wide selection of professional templates.

 Change Colors & Fonts

Easily customize the colors of your website with just a few clicks. Change the fonts to match your branding.

 Custom Favicon

Upload your logo to use as a custom favicon on your website. It's simple and adds another professional touch.

 Easy One Click Publishing

Make all the changes you like, then make your changes live with a simple click. View your updated site instantly.

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Small Business Websites Made Easy

  • Website, Domain, Email, Blog, Web Store & More - all in one at a price your small business can afford.

  • Build Your Own Website, or Hire a Pro - it's easy with all in one!

Pro Designed Site & Marketing Materials

all in one pro services offers beautiful small business websites and matching marketing materials. Your site can be easily managed with no HTML or web design skills required. Simply sign up, approve your designs, then go live. Your printed materials will arrive in the mail. Make changes to your website any time you like. Your website includes all the tools you need to be successful online, and your coordinating marketing materials promote your site and your's all in one!

 Great Sites

"I don't know why everyone does not do it this way. These websites are great and very effective!" – Garfield McCormick

 Idiot Proof

"The websites are idiot proof. I just submitted my business info, picked my site package and my site was designed for me!" – Janet Nixon