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all in one has partnered with POWr to offer the most amazing, and easy to use, website plugins. Take your website to the next level. Fully customizable right on the live page, mobile responsive on any device, no coding or programming required.

 Social Media Integrations: Combine content from all your social channels into a single, fully custom feed. Pull videos, images, and articles from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and RSS Feeds!

 Sliders & Galleries: Create galleries and sliders in seconds. Add images, videos, event pages, banners and more, all right in your live webpage.

 Forms & Surveys: Create custom forms, polls, mailing lists, surveys and order forms with unlimited fields and submissions. Perfect for customer mailing lists, user feedback, product reviews and help requests.

 Dozens of Plugins: Add almost any feature to your site. Maps, weather, countdowns, hit counters, comments, popups, tabs, embeded files, tables, graphs and more!

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POWr Plugins are simple, stable, and free.

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  • POWr Plugins are simple, stable, and free.